The Mission
The purpose of The Uncle Devin Show is to cultivate the minds of children five years old and up through music.
Our mission is:
1. Product Mission - To provide a high quality, live musical entertainment experience for children through the drum, both traditional and electronic, to convey universal principles of love.

The Uncle Devin Show is a live, participatory musical experience for children by renowned drummer and author, Devin Walker. This interactive show seeks to connect with children through the drum and the art of storytelling that will lead toward their personal, cultural and social development. The show can be performed as a solo act or with accompaniment (i.e., flutist, guitarist and/or bassist).

His latest CD is entitled, ?Uncle Devin?s Drum Tales,? and features songs like, ?Tell The Truth,? ?Don't Put Your Business on the Internet,? and ?Drum Roll Call.?

2. Social Mission? To help raise the awareness of, and advocacy among, children and their parents, guardians and caregivers about the need for more public funds toward music in schools.

The U.S. Congress has proposed drastic spending cuts in all Arts in Education programming. This is unfortunate because music provides students with the opportunity to express creativity and to develop skills that will benefit them throughout the rest of their lives. Additionally, too many of today's children are negatively influenced by artists who talk exclusively about sex, violence and material gain through popular music, ultimately becoming negative role models for today's generation.

The Uncle Devin Show seeks to fill this void by providing positive, uplifting and fun music designed specifically for children five years old and up, while also providing them a positive role model in which to follow. Very few artists today dedicate their craft toward the elevation and education of today's children. Therefore, The Uncle Devin Show recognizes this need as an excellent opportunity to combine music, education and advocacy in a way that is entertaining, socially responsible and financially feasible.

About Uncle Devin

Uncle Devin is both a drummer and percussionist, and, therefore, is known as the original ?Drumcussionist.? His drum set consists of a combination of real drums/ percussion instruments, and the latest in electronic drums. This hybrid drum set allows him to play the normal drum groove while also playing different percussion instruments all by himself. He also uses an assortment of percussion instruments, including cowbells, triangles, shakers, congas and timbales, as learning tools in his message.

Uncle Devin is a former volunteer, mentor and co-coordinator of a mentorship program at two elementary schools in Prince George?s County, MD; a former church youth Director in Washington, DC, and a former youth Counselor for an at-risk youth program with a non-profit organization geared toward the academic and social development of children. He has been performing as a drummer and percussionist for over 25 years, playing with local and international groups such as Fertile Ground, Soul-In-Motion Players, Bottomland, the UMBC Jazz Ensemble, the Lafayette Gilchrist Project, the Contee AME Zion Church Connection, Sense of Urgency Band and Godisheus International Funk Band. One of Devin?s greatest musical moments was when he accompanied on drums by the Great Dizzy Gillespie during a 1985 Jazz Workshop in Baltimore, MD. Devin?s vast experience as a social justice activist is expressed in his music. He is currently a member and co-founder of the ElectroKoustic Band formed in 2009.

By the end of The Uncle Devin Show, children will:
1. Walk away with a better understanding of history, health, cultural awareness, internet safety and the importance of telling the truth.
2. Be able to appreciate how music, technology and the arts can enhance their learning experience and what they can do to help keep music in schools.
3. Be able to see how different drum and percussion instruments are played and sound.

We offer the following program formats:
a. Performance (Assembly) Programs, which are 45 minutes to an hour in length, and are a blend of performance and discussion with opportunities for student participation interspersed throughout. Performance programs may have a maximum audience of 250 and may consist of discussion with audience members or direct involvement with performance activities.
b. Workshops, which involves smaller groups (usually 25 or fewer students), and are generally 45 minutes to an hour in length. Our workshops provide opportunities for our artists to have frequent, one-on-one interaction with students and allow them the opportunity to play different musical instruments. Audio/visual equipmnt may also be used to supplement the learning experience through visual aids.



Uncle Devin’s Drum Tales, 10 Songs By Devin Walker Pre-Order Your CD Today Coming soon to CD Baby, iTunes, and Allmusic.com.

Song List
· The Uncle Devin Theme Song
· Africa

· Good Health Is Happiness

· I Like Onions

· The Victory Horn (Don't Quit)

· Don't Put Your Business on the Internet

· Me & My Drums

· Just One of Those Days

· Tell The Truth

· Drum Roll Call



· The Home Away From Home Child Development Center, Washington, DC
· Chick-fil-A @ Steeplechase , Capitol Heights, MD

· Contee AME Zion Church, Washington, DC

· BloomBars (Washington, DC)

· Washington Parks and People, Marvin Gaye Park, Washington, DC

· Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. EMBODI Mentorship Program

· The Children's Inn at National Institute for Health (NIH), Bethesda, MD

· Milton Summors Middle School, La Plata, MD

· The Huntington Station Branch Library, Long Island, NY

· Columbia Heights Community Marketplace, Washington, DC

· AME Zion Church Annual Conference, Wheaton, MD

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Lindsey Kramer, The Children's Inn, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD
Dear Uncle Devin Show, Thank you so much for coming to the Children's Inn. Our residents really enjoyed the show and were able to relax and have fun. We loved how your show mixed learning with music and we appreciated your interactions with the kiddos both during and after the show. Thank you again for your generosity!

Joy Wormely, Milton Summors Middle School, La Plata, MD
Devin, Special People make Special Schools. The Black Saga Club truly appreciated you spending time with us and sharing your gift. We thoroughly enjoyed "The Uncle Devin Show" and wish you the best as you spread your message to others.

Geraldine Furbush, Director, Contee Church Family Movie Night Ministry, Washington, DC
Teaching through entertainment is a concept that the "Uncle Devin Show" has mastered. The interactive performance captures the audience from beginning to end. It is an educational/entertainment tool for people of all ages". It's a must see!!!

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