Professional Development Training

Classes are also available as live webinars or pre-recorded videos.  Please contact us for availability and price quotes. 

Racism in Children's Music:

Liberating Music for the Black Child!

Viewed within the historical context of chattel-slavery and settler-colonialism, this workshop explores the history of racism in children’s music in the United States and abroad; how popular nursery rhymes continue to be used to reinforce inferiority complexes in children; and the cultural appropriation of African music in popular children’s movies.


This workshop includes videos of cartoons, songs, images, and provides extensive references for follow-up study.  It will discuss the role of negro spirituals as a tool for resistance by enslaved Africans and will provide practical solutions and resources to help parents, teachers, and guardians take back control of their children’s music listening experience.


Juana F, Brooklyn Public Library

Thanks for a remarkable presentation.  You know a presentation is so effective when the next day your colleagues have a tense conversation over it.  I just want to share my coworker's statement left in the Zoom chat, "If the Tune itself is so steeped in racism and more importantly SHEER HATRED, doesn't it make one hate to even use the Tune?"  Her statement was what I was hoping people get out of your presentation."

Family Involvement Workshop

Family Involvement.jpg

This workshop is designed to teach parents how to use everyday household items as percussion instruments that we shake, scrape, and strike.  It will show them different rhythm instrument games they can play with their child to reinforce and build body awareness and teach life lessons.  It will also teach parents how to make their own percussion instruments with their child to create memorable family experiences.

Discrimination Awareness for Schools and Educators!

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Uncle Devin uses his 25-years of experience as an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Investigator and Mediator to provide this scenario-based training designed for all employees and staff at any school or organization. It covers categories protected by federal and local EEO laws.  It explains prohibited practices, including unlawful harassment and discrimination, which can help you avoid discriminatory behaviors and build a culture that reflects acceptance and respect for all. 

This course also covers the definition of discrimination and harassment and steps you can take to avoid both while promoting a discrimination-free environment.

The 3-S Percussion 
Training for Teachers


This workshop is designed to provide teachers with the skills on how to incorporate percussion instruments into the early childhood classroom and relate it to other areas of the curriculum.  Uncle Devin shows how the musical process of shaking, scraping, or striking instruments can engage students in a creative process that connects the sounds and rhythm of percussion instruments with your desired learning objectives and classroom management.