Church Usher's Dance Challenge

The Uncle Devin Show has launched a new initiative to help combat issues of obesity and cardiovascular disease in the Black community, especially among our children, called, The Church Usher's Dance Challenge. This challenge is based on our 2015 music video entitled, “The Church Usher’s Dance.

Videotaped at two local churches in Washington, DC area, the dance centers on an 8-year old named Tré who spent six days a week in church. On the rare occasion that he was able to attend his friend’s birthday party, he unintentionally started a new dance craze by simply being himself and doing the only dance that he knew – The Church Usher’s Dance.

The Church Usher's Dance Challenge has been endorsed by the DC Cardiovascular Health and Obesity Collaborative (DC CHOC) Community Advisory Board which includes representation from DC Department of Health, National Institute of Health, George Washington University, Howard University, and Unity Health Care. DC CHOC is implementing our challenge as a health care intervention to encourage churches, their members and our community to adopt healthier, more active lifestyles.

How Our Challenge works:

  1. One representative of each Place of Worship/Organization should be designated as Coordinator. The coordinator should sign-up using the form below for a 12-week commitment to implement the Church Usher’s Dance Challenge. Coordinators are also encouraged to recruit Co-Coordinators to assist them in this challenge.

  2. Each Coordinator will be given a free .mp3 download of the extended version of the Church Usher’s Dance (length of song – 7:43).

  3. Each Place of Worship/Organization shall agree to do the Church Usher’s Dance one-two times/per week as a group, such as the Sunday service and/or organizational meeting. (Research shows that doing the line dance together as a group provides support and helps to change the culture of the organization).

  4. The Coordinator(s) will document each time the Church Usher’s Dance has been done collectively by indicating so on the Church Usher’s Dance YouTube comments’ page (click here), stating something such as, “We just did the Church Usher’s Dance today,” along with the name of their place of worship and the number of people who participated.

  5. Each Place of Worship/Organization is encouraged to post a video of them doing theChurch Usher’s Dance and/or post the link to their video on the The Church Usher’s Dance YouTube page with a direct challenge to another place of worship to participate.

  6. Any Place of Worship/Organization that does not meet the dance challenge within two weeks of being challenged by another place of worship shall post at least one article on excellent Cardio Workouts or list one thing their organization is/will do to help fight obesity.

  7. Once done, each Place of Worship/Organization should send a challenge to another place of worship/organization.

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We are submitting this challenge in support of the nationwide Instant Recess® (IR) movement that was pioneered by the late Dr. Antronette (Toni) Yancey. IR is an evidence-based model designed to incorporate 10-minute physical activity breaks into the routine daily “conduct of business” – fighting the inactivity epidemic 10 minutes at a time. Studies have shown that increasing your physical activity by just 10 minutes every day can lower your risk of long term disease.

The main focus of change is environmental in nature – the structural integration of enjoyable short bouts of physical activity into organizational routine, with the goal of rendering prolonged sitting as socially unacceptable as smoking, or drinking and driving. The activity breaks are simple, low-impact and music-driven, with sports – or ethnic dance-based moves choreographed to permit ease of participation by the average (sedentary, overweight) person. (

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The Uncle Devin Show® is an interactive musical experience for children that cultivates the minds of children through percussion instruments – a dynamic cross between Schoolhouse Rock and the Muppet Show.

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