Through a blend of DC's Go-Go Music, Gospel, Hip-Hop and the African tradition, this family CD provides self-affirming music, through hardcore beats and rhythms, that children of all ages will love.

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Inspired by the sounds of Washington, DC and Africa, this CD will have children moving their feet to funky drum and percussion rhythms as they learn about love, good health and truth. It will also introduce them to different percussion instruments.

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This is a line-dance song for children that centers on an eight year old named Tré who unintentionally started a new dance craze by simply being himself.  Four different versions.

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The ABC’s of Percussion is an educational and fun way for children to learn about some of the oldest musical instruments in the world – percussion instruments. This picture book identifies and discusses one percussion instrument per letter of the alphabet – that’s 26 different percussion instruments from around the world.   The accompanying audio CD brings the book to life through world beats and rhythms, highlighting each instrument, as Uncle Devin reads his book.