What We Do?

Assemblies - This music assembly takes students on a magical journey through the Land of Percussion that allows them to hear, see, and play different percussion instruments while gaining an understanding of the history of percussion and why it is the easiest, oldest, and most diverse form of musical creativity. Uncle Devin will introduce students to different genres of music while showing them how percussion is the heartbeat of them all.  

(Sample Common Core connectionCCSS.ELA-Literacy.SL.3.3 Ask and answer questions about information from a speaker, offering appropriate elaboration and detail.)

Residencies - Percussion instruments are often called the heartbeat of life. In this residency, children will gain an understanding of percussion instruments as an essential part of history and human experience, and will be able to classify multicultural percussion instruments by sight and sound. 

Uncle Devin uses different musical instruments, along with his award-winning book, “The ABC’s of Percussion with Music CD,” to help students construct and demonstrate an understanding of how the sounds made from percussion instruments were used to communicate long before the telephone, computer, email, and other modern forms of communication.  Students will engage in a creative process that connects the sounds and rhythm of percussion instruments with your desired curriculum focus, i.e., history and culture.

Uncle Devin’s Percussion Playground consists of three different percussion play stations (shaker/scraper station, a drum set station and a hand drum station).  Children are able to take turns playing and examining different percussion instruments in a supervised, playground format.