Uncle Devin's Radio One

Talk Show

Every Monday

12:00 PM to 1:00 PM


Uncle Devin's music talk show on WOL 1450 AM launched on July 23, 2018 and is the first in Radio One's history to focus specifically on the importance that music and art plays in a child's development within the black community and beyond. 

With each interview, listeners will be provided with a historical perspective on how children in the urban community are being musically neglected and ignored, and the work being done to change it. You will hear interviews with award-winning artists, teachers, authors, children entertainment executives, art organizations and more. The show seeks to eradicate what Uncle Devin calls, "Music Adultification," - a process by which children are forced to listen to inappropriate adult music, and the negative impact this has on our children.

As a national leader in the children's music field and an award winning children's music artist, Uncle Devin explores such topics as:

  • The history of racism in children’s music.

  • The cultural appropriation of music in popular children’s movies. 

  • Practical solutions/resources to help parents, teachers and guardians take back control of their children’s music listening experience. 

  • The increasing role of Teaching Artists, who work with schools to spark creativity and a love of learning in classrooms through their art form. 

Known as the Children's Drumcussionist, Uncle Devin is the founder and main performer with The Uncle Devin Show®, which is an interactive musical experience for children that use percussion instruments to cultivate their minds - a dynamic cross between DC's Trouble Funk and Schoolhouse.  He is a Teaching Artist and roster member with Young Audiences/Arts for Learning - Maryland and a Teaching Artist with Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning.  He has recently been selected to lead a workshop at the 2019 People of Color Conference (PoCC) sponsored by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) in Seattle, WA and was the first recipient of the Homeless Children's Playtime Project's Creative Curriculum Award.

His “Uncle Devin’s Drum Tales” CD won a 2013 Parents’ Choice Presentation Award and his children's book, "The ABC's of Percussion with Music CD," was named a 2015 National Parenting Publication Awards Bronze winner. 

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